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Backgammon online win

Recomended Online Backgammon:
From: Robert Goldman

Rules On Backgammon

The game backgammon might be difficult for starters but actually it is not. For starters backgammon can be played by two players. The player may choose what color he like and it doesn't really matter which color the player chooses to play with.

Tools for playing backgammon are the following: 1. Backgammon board 2. 30 pieces of Checkers - (with 2 two different set of colors, 15 each) 3. Dice 2 pieces of this 4. Cups - will be use for rolling the dice, needs 2 pieces 5. Six-sided cube, doubled with numbers 2,4,8,16,32 and 64 - this should be on 6 faces

Backgammon is a game board, the board has twenty-four triangles, and these triangles are called points. These triangles will have alternate colors to determine which triangle belongs to different players. The board has groups that consists of triangles, this is called quadrants each consisting of six triangles, a total of 4 quadrants in all. One of this will be the home board of the player.

To begin backgammon each player must throw a die, the highest number they get from the roll will have the chance to move his checker first. Then both players can now alternate rolling the dice and move their checkers.

Four movements to control checkers: *To move the checker add the sum of the two rolled dice to determine the number of moves the checker will take. On the other hand, you may not add the two dice, for example you get two and six, you can move two checkers on one roll, one checker will move on two spaces while the second checker will move the other six spaces.

*Checkers can move to your own triangle or to the triangle that has only one of your playmate's checkers, regardless of what color the triangle may be.

*Double roll is usually a winning roll for players. This goes like, if the player rolls the dice and landed on the same number, example both landed on number six, the player will move his checker is six spaces for four times. This is called a winning roll because player who gets double on his dice usually wins backgammon.

*If legally possible, the player should use his two dice to move his checkers, but if only one dice can be use, the player should choose the higher number between the rolled dice.

The goal of the player is to move the checkers, and bear off checkers. If all of the player's checkers were placed in his home board then he can start to dispose checkers, this is the bear off. The first player to do this will win the game.