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Backgammon online win

Recomended Online Backgammon:
From: Robert Goldman

Winning Backgammon Tips

Backgammon is seeing a huge increase in popularity, chiefly because of the proliferation of online gambling, wherein you can compete with opponents worldwide for real money. Knowledge of what technique to utilize is a very tough decision to make.

Of course, players will have confidence in using a certain strategy while others will not; yet, to become knowledgeable in backgammon, it is important to have confidence in using backgammon strategies.

Using Pip Count:

Beginners tend to disregard the pip counters provided by online backgammon servers. Players, however, should recognize the pip counter and should adapt their game plan accordingly, instead of completing the whole game with a prepared strategy which is solely dependent on the roll of the dice.

The Running Game:

There are several varieties of strategies available to the player. An "open" or "running" strategy entails the movement of pieces in extended jumps, which has the advantage of bringing checkers into your inner board rapidly, and clearing them at a similarly rapid pace, with the premise that the strategy is effective. There are setbacks in a sense that it can leave your checkers in open positions, prone to the attack of the opponent. A good strategy can be to lower your pip count.

Holding Your Opponent:

Another option is by protecting your pips, and keeping them, to be able to guarantee that the other player has minimal, or no, blots to hit. This creates a likelihood of hitting the opponent while moving the pieces nearer to the home board. Usually, this strategy is best when the opponent has the dice, and has a lesser pip count. This strategy involves dominating a point in the board of your opponent.

Building the Prime:

This strategy is a variation of the holding strategy. Here you make an extended wall of checkers on consecutive points, with the target of preventing the checkers of the opponent to pass the prime. If the length of the wall is at least six points, the opponent is blocked until the prime is destroyed, and a player can move the prime until the stage of clearing off.

Generally, it is best to be comfortable with the strategy, depending on various factors, and it is suggested to ponder every move. This facilitates the selection of the strategy. While it is not possible to manipulate the roll of the dice, looking ahead can assist in bringing in the luck to you, whether favorable or unfavorable.