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Backgammon online win

Recomended Online Backgammon:
From: Robert Goldman

Improving your online backgammon game using software aided technology

The variety of online games available for the public has grown in recent years, and range from basic games such as the Microsoft backgammon game, to online casino backgammon which is sometimes played with real cash winnings and earnings.

Here are some tips that can help you improve your backgammon game online:

  • most backgammon games offer recorded sessions of games played. This is a very important tool as it gives you a chance to view a recently played game and see your mistakes throughout the game.
  • Using the Jellyfish interface allows you to play a quick game of online backgammon and choosing the strength of your computer opponent.
  • The best times to analyze a backgammon game is immediately after you played the game, with the game still fresh in your mind. Of course you may still be puzzled as to why you chose a specific move, but this just mean that in your next online backgammon game you will learn from this mistake and avoid it.
  • another important tip is to diversify your opponent. When playing an online backgammon game, don't stick to just one player, even though you enjoy his play. There are many players out there that can give you different perspectives on how to play a better game.