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Backgammon online win

Recomended Online Backgammon:
From: Robert Goldman

In Backgammon Ignorance is Not a Bliss

It's natural for the gambling community to develop a certain language of their own. If you don't want to get left behind, then learn the language you can use in your gambling career. Of course, choose the one appropriate for your chosen gambling game, such as the backgammon.

The following is a glossary of useful words in the gambling game known as backgammon:

FIBS Rating Formula - here you can see the elaborate explanation on how the ratings work for the gambling players to learn and understand.

Table Stakes - this sets the limits of betting for the gambling players. This may be comparable to the limits and blinds in poker games, which is good for all since the poorer gambling player still stands a chance to win. Because there is a stake limit, the richer gambling player cannot scare the poorer one that much by raising the stakes.

Tabula - this is a variation of the backgammon game in which gambling players cast three dice instead of the two, which is the case for the backgammon. This is popular among gambling players from Europe.

Tactics - compared to strategy, these are more immediate, easier and simpler goals that a gambling player does in a game of backgammon. A gambling player must learn how to use these to be able to win the game over his opponent.

Gamesmanship - deliberately getting or making an unfair disadvantage over the other gambling player. There are many forms of cheating that a gambling player in backgammon may do to get the advantage. If you think about it, the cheating gambling player is not really a good one because he needs an unfair advantage just to win the game.

Handicap - when a not-so-good gambling player plays against an excellent one, they give the not-so-good an additional opportunity to take the lead just to level the game, and that is called a handicap. There are different types of handicaps such as letting that player cast the dice first, or allowing him to cast them again if he is not satisfied with the outcome.

Hara-Kiri Play - this is a type of backgammon game in which a gambling player appears to be sacrificing or risking a number of his markers, but in reality, he is getting an advantage because the other markers are positioned in strategic places. It is called as such because the gambling player is willing to sacrifice some of his markers for a greater goal.