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Recomended Online Backgammon:
From: Robert Goldman

Playing a good opening at online backgammon game

If you ask online backgammon experts as to what is the most important factor when playing online backgammon, most of them will explain it is you first few opening plays.

Most players, that play backgammon online for years, know this to be true, and this is why they pay extra attention to those moves, knowing they would probably determine the course of the game. Some players can even tell how the entire game will be played just by the first few plays.

This is of course true if they playing online backgammon against a beginner or intermediate backgammon player. This skill has been discussed in various books and can help your game tremendously.

Online backgammon- a good starting position

The strategy of a good opening in backgammon is two fold- first there is the skill to make your first moves correctly, and secondly there is the skill of analyzing both your and your opponents first moves together to anticipate the development of the game further on.

In the early stages of online backgammon there is a struggle which is mutual between the two players for reaching and occupying the best positions. If you are familiar with the opponent, you would already know with points they are trying to occupy. If you do not know the opposite side, as is often true for online backgammon games, most players usually go for the places they prefer to be in the most.

If you are the white checkers for example, you should decide whether to progress into the black's homeboard, or stay and build up your block in your homeboard. Using your surplus checkers, it is often advised to spread both your five line checkers into 4 different line. One line of two checkers in your home board, another one with three lines, and the rest in three and two lines I the opponent home board.

There is also an option of making five lines instead of two using your initial three line checkers row, but this is relevant only with the backgammon dice of a difference of two, a three and one dice for example.