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From: Robert Goldman

Backgammon in the Palm of Your Hand

Advances in technology led us into a much more modern world. In the past, who would've thought that one could play backgammon with someone the size of your palm? But today, it is an ordinary occurrence. Gambling players have so much to thank for - the revolutionary palm pilot, plus of course all those backgammon software makers.

Here are some people who have contributed to the collection of backgammon software n the world:

Vladimir Nabutovsky

His name seems to be interesting, and so is Vladimir's creation - the Agushka Backgammon. Gambling players who own palm pilots love this software for so many reasons, and the most significant of all is its speed. Unlike other backgammon software, the Agushka Backgammon only takes such little time to think.

This is excellent for those gambling players who want to practice their backgammon skills, and do not want to wait for the computer to make its move. The logic behind owning a palm pilot is that you are always on the go, that's why you need to bring a hand-held computer along with you all the time. So, if you have a slow program for your backgammon game, it somehow defeats the purpose of having a palm pilot.

Of course, the other required features are here like the use of doubling cube, computer's move suggestions, and statistics storing. There are four stages to choose from, so gambling players can choose from beginner stage to the most advanced. Because of this, gambling players will have room for improvement while using this software.

Schall Andras

Schall Andras is another maker of backgammon software. His creation is the famous Backgammon 3.1b. That software is famous among gambling players who want backgammon on their palm pilot because it only takes up little space. We all know that space is very important, especially to computers.

A good feature of this software is that it allows gambling players to play against others on their palm pilot. So, if the gambling player gets tired of the computer, he may look for another player to play backgammon with, using the palm pilot.

The gambling player may also choose to let the computer play backgammon in opposition to its own self. This is advantageous since gambling players who are still beginners will learn a great deal from watching some of these computer versus computer backgammon games. This would be a great preparation for those gambling players. However, they should not get too enamored with the idea of just watching the computer, because they will need to play the game themselves some time soon too.