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From: Robert Goldman

Backgammon Tables for Sale on the Internet!

If you see numerous poker sets being sold in shops worldwide because of the popularity of poker, well, you also have probably seen numerous backgammon sets being sold in shops. Backgammon is one of the most popular games being played at casinos and gambling facilities. And just like poker, there are companies that have been manufacturing different kinds of backgammon game sets to cater to different kinds of backgammon players. Furthermore, backgammon game sets are not the only stuff being manufactured by gaming companies. They also manufacture backgammon tables. And just like the backgammon game sets, the backgammon tables come in different kinds as well. Let's take a look at some of the products being sold on the Internet.

Visit any Web site that sell backgammon tables and you will surely find this wooden chess table that has a reversible board and transforms into either a backgammon table or a checkers table. This table features a compartment where the pieces can be kept. It is guaranteed to last for a long time because its legs are made of hardwood that are of high quality. The dimensions of this backgammon table are 27 3/8 inches in length x 27 3/8 inches in width x 26 inches in height.

Also available through online shopping is the 6-in-1 Game Table Set that costs US$269.95. Aside from being used as a backgammon table, this table set can also be used for solitaire, naughts and crosses, Chinese checkers, checkers, and chess. It features five drawers where the pieces can all be kept. The dimensions of this table are 17 inches x 17 inches x 24 inches.

There is also a backgammon table that is made of teak wood. It is also reversible and can transform into a chess table or a checkers table. It does not only feature storage drawers, but it also includes pieces used for backgammon and chess. The materials used for the table's exterior and its playing surface are all teak wood.

If you are an antique lover, perhaps you might want to check out this Three-in-One Game Table. It is made of worm wood that is antique-finished, its backgammon board is silk-screened, and it also has a storage compartment. This backgammon table can also be used for checkers and chess. Because of its antique features and different style, this backgammon table is more expensive than the others at US$599.95. Despite its high cost, backgammon players will surely love playing using this table.

You might not be able to take your eyes off this backgammon table as soon as you see one because it is made of mahogany wood and has eight different purposes. This Mahogany Eight-in-One Game Table can be used as a dining table, a functional storage unit, a backgammon table, a chess table, a checkers table, a craps table, a roulette table, and a poker table. Aside from such features, this backgammon table includes a backgammon dice cup, craps stick, dice, chess and checkers/backgammon pieces, one hundred clay poker chips, two decks of playing cards, and a roulette ball. Well, of course, this one costs higher than the rest, but users will definitely enjoy playing whichever casino game they want to play. Chairs that match this mahogany table set are also available but are sold separately.

Don't you think these are cool table sets? Get online now and search for the backgammon table of your choice!