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From: Robert Goldman

A Look at Backgammon FIBS - The technology of the First Internet Backgammon Server (FIBS) makes it possible for people connected to the Internet to play with real people. It was introduced in July 1992 and is recognized as the first online community dedicated to backgammon.

Backgammon Tables for Sale on the Internet! - Since backgammon is one of the most in demand casino games in this day and age, several kinds of backgammon tables have started to emerge in retail stores. You will find backgammon tables that are made of different materials to suit the needs of all kinds of backgammon players. Furthermore, these backgammon tables can be used for other types of casino games.

Backgammon Vs. Poker - What are the similiarities and difference of the gambling games poker and backgammon? This will be answered and more here in this article.

Backgammon in the Palm of Your Hand - Backgammon at the palm of one's hand seemed an impossible thing in the past, but not anymore. Several software has allowed gambling players to enjoy backgammon at their palm pilots.

Backgammon Online - Online Backgammon tutorial is easily understood with this easy to use guide that will help you win almost every time

Favorite Plays for the Opening Roll - Here is a quick discussion of the four favorite plays for the four-three opening roll in backgammon. We've presented them with their strengths and weaknesses for you to study before actually applying them to your current strategy.

In Backgammon Ignorance is Not a Bliss - If you think that not knowing the jargons of the game you're playing does not affect your game, think again. Do not be a stranger to your own game, get to know it more with these jargons.

Rules On Backgammon - Backgammon is an easy kind of casino game. This game board will need only two players. The first one to bear off his checkers wins the game.

The Basic Rules of Playing Backgammon - A game of race it is, this game also involves skill and wit in moving the checkers strategically to remove them before the opponent does. Each move must be decided with full caution so as it will also create a counter strategy against the opponent. As the stakes are raised, the game becomes more and more challenging. A player in this game must be conscientious that every move is critical to whatever outcome of the game. It's one of those gambling games that do not pay on luck for winning but on the player's cleverness in general.

The Rich History of Backgammon - Backgammon is a very old game with a rich and interesting history, having been played by kings and queens. Learn more about the origins of backgammon and how it became popular in current times.

Winning Backgammon Tips - There are many strategies being used in the game of backgammon. It is important that a player needs to be comfortable with the strategy he is going to use.

Backgammon Gameplay - playing online backgammon can be easy and fun with these few basic rules and tricks

Respond - Respond

步步高网上胜利 - 步步高网上胜利, 网上步步高为初学者

步步高網上勝利 - 步步高網上勝利, 網上步步高為初學者

Backgammon wint online - Online backgammon van het spel voor geld of enkel voor pret. Binnen u de beste spelen, de artikelen, het nieuws, en de gidsen - voor elk niveau van spel zal vinden.

Victoire en ligne de jacquet - Victoire en ligne de jacquet, Jacquet en ligne pour des débutants

Backgammonon-line-Gewinn - Backgammonon-line-Gewinn, On-line-Backgammon für Anfänger

Το τάβλι κερδίζει on-line - Το τάβλι κερδίζει on-line, Σε απευθείας σύνδεση τάβλι για τους αρχαρίους

Vittoria in linea del Backgammon - Vittoria in linea del Backgammon, Backgammon in linea per i principianti

バックギャモンのオンライン勝利 - バックギャモンのオンライン勝利, 初心者のためのオンラインバックギャモン

주사위 놀이 온라인 승리 - 주사위 놀이 온라인 승리, 초심자를 위한 온라인 주사위 놀이

Vitória em linha do Backgammon - Vitória em linha do Backgammon, Backgammon em linha para novatos

Выигрыш триктрака online - Выигрыш триктрака online, Online триктрак для Beginners

Triunfo en línea del chaquete - Triunfo en línea del chaquete, Chaquete en línea para los principiantes

On-line seger för Backgammon - On-line seger för Backgammon, On-line Backgammon för nybörjare

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